For the L❤️ve of Grandmothers Fitness Challenge Fundraiser

Solidarity in Action: For Love of Grandmothers Fitness Challenge 2021

We don’t merely stand in solidarity with African grandmothers.  

We Shake it!      We Stretch it!      We Move it!      We FLOG it!

We get our assets in gear on their behalf!

During the five months from March 8, International Women’s Day, to September 12, Grandparents Day, you too can sign on to boost your level of fitness while supporting The Stephen Lewis Foundation Grandmothers Campaign.

With the generous backing of their sponsors, our participants (this means you!) set their own fitness goal from the activity and intensity level that best suits. 

Do you love a good walk? Yoga? Hiking? Swimming? Does a jog on the beach do it for you? On-line Zumba? Gardening? Is pickle ball your game? All good!

There are four levels of intensity from which to choose:

Off the Couch:  30 minutes of activity for 30 straight days.

On the Go:  40 minutes of activity for 40 straight days.

Up the Hill: 60 minutes of activity for 60 straight days

Over the Top: Design your own personal challenge

If there a special grandmother you would like to honour in a life-affirming way this is your moment. Solidarity in Action is open to anyone who wishes to support the cause, pay tribute to a particular person or celebrate the wonder of being a grandmother.

To sign up, sponsor a friend, donate or get more information, please go to:

Just think of the many ways you will feel great in five months!