For the L❤️ve of Grandmothers Fitness Challenge Fundraiser


We are Climbing to the Sky!

The Tikun Olam Gogos fitniks are off to Tanzania and Mount Kilimanjaro – all 19,341 feet of it!

We are lacing up our virtual hiking boots to show how much we love our grandmothers – those of memory who influenced us to be strong, independent, caring women, and our African gogos, who inspire us to rise to life’s every challenge with hope, courage and the determination to prevail. 

A grandmother’s bond, across generations or continents, is unbreakable. So we are putting ourselves heart, soul and muscle into paying tribute to those who have shaped us, and those who still find their lives radically uprooted by the AIDS and coronavirus pandemics. 

Every hour of our chosen activity earns us 3500 steps toward the122,500 that will take each of us to the peak. Best of all, we are keeping fit and healthy.

We’d love to have you with on our journey of solidarity and homage – the more feet the better!

To join the team, please follow this link to register:

To show your support for the For Love of Grandmothers Fitness Challenge with a donation, here is the Tikun Olam Gogos fundraising page:

If you would like to honour a beloved grandmother with your contribution, please do share her name in the comment function so she, like you, will be climbing Kilimanjaro with us.

Just click on the green “Donate” button above the fundraising tracker and watch the miles, dollars and love Mount up.

Because when it comes to our love for grandmothers, the sky’s no limit!